Because our employees are our most valuable asset, we are looking for new talent.
Above all, we want those who want to overcome obstacles and face the challenges of our changing world.
We offer:

  • Internal Promotion

  • Talent Identification Plans

  • Internal Mobility Plan

  • Continuing Training

  • Technological Transformation

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I have worked at LOGIFRIO for many years and I am very happy to be part of this company, because it is a struggling company committed to its customers and employees. In addition, it has the best work team, which is essential for the good development of the logistics activity.

Roberto Ibañez Copado, LOGIFRIO Spain

LOGIFRÍO is a solid logistics company, national and international in character, and with great possibilities for internal development. As the National Commercial Responsible for the Retail Channel, I am proud to look for and create business opportunities with the different retailers in Spain, contributing to the leadership of our company. I like working at LOGIFRIO because here each employee belongs to a team that interconnects with the other areas and delegations, achieving excellence in a good working environment. At LOGIFRÍO we feel that we are not a number, but a professional, with a name and surname, who contributes and who is listened to.

Luis Hernández Feu, LOGIFRIO Spain

I started working at LOGIFRIO (then Vegidata) on November 1st, 2001, about 4 months after the opening of the Platform in Riachos.
Over time I performed functions such as: Picking Operator, Fresh Picking Team Leader, Reception Team Leader, Warehouse Clerk assigned to the Customer Service Department, support in the Quality / Reception Area. Currently I am a Warehouse Clerk assigned to the Labeling Department, but always with aspirations for more.
Working at LOGIFRIO, has allowed me over these almost 21 years, stability to be able to raise a family and take care of it, progression in the structure of the company, acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional training and working in the area of logistics that is every day challenging and in which I feel fulfilled.

Mara Raimundo, LOGIFRIO Portugal

My experience at Greenyard then Zolve and now LOGIFRIO, has been very good. It is a company that is very concerned about the safety and welfare of its employees. In personal terms, I feel that the company recognizes the work I have done, I have evolved, personally, but mainly professionally. I hope that we will continue to grow together and maintain this evolution, both for myself and for the company.

Ivo Ribeiro, LOGIFRIO Portugal

I have been part of the LOGIFRIO team since May 2021, as a Human Resources Technician. I realized early on that I would be part of a strong, cohesive, structured and competitive team. . I knew that I would find here the opportunity to work in my field of study and that I could combine work with what motivates me the most every day.

Over this year and a half I have embraced new projects within the Human Resources department, which have allowed me to learn, question and develop what I most enjoy doing. I feel the responsibility of being part of a company like LOGIFRIO, for the greatness, the will to grow, the DNA of difference, dynamism, responsiveness and above all, I recognize that we are what we want to be and where we want to go.

To be part of LOGIFRIO is to be sure that we are from people to people, it is to know that growing only makes sense when we do it together.

Carolina Silva, LOGIFRIO Portugal



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We have a national and international controlled temperature (multitemperature) distribution network – shared, semi-shared and dedicated models. We have adapted vehicles that transport the goods to more than 27,000 delivery points with traceability, temperature compliance and on schedule.
We incorporate the most advanced technological solutions in transportation and communication to optimize the management, security, and safety of all our processes. We have a system that allows to track the fleet in real time and a wide range of communication options between the departments of Logistics and Traffic.
We work with EUROPEAN FOOD NETWORK to offer the highest international coverage and continue to expand our network.
We cover all regional capitals at Iberian Peninsula in 24 hours.

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