At LOGIFRIO we create and develop innovative logistics and multitemperature transport solutions. We offer transportation, warehousing, and value-added services, focusing on innovation and the specific needs of each customer – Distributors and Retailers, Manufacturers and Producers, HORECA Channel, Online and Omnichannel Sales.

All our delegations operate with the same systems and under the same certification rules in terms of quality and food safety.



We have a national and international controlled temperature (multitemperature) distribution network – shared, semi-shared and dedicated models. We have adapted vehicles that transport the goods to more than 27,000 delivery points with traceability, temperature compliance and on schedule.
We incorporate the most advanced technological solutions in transportation and communication to optimize the management, security, and safety of all our processes. We have a system that allows to track the fleet in real time and a wide range of communication options between the departments of Logistics and Traffic.
We work with EUROPEAN FOOD NETWORK to offer the highest international coverage and continue to expand our network.
We cover all regional capitals at Iberian Peninsula in 24 hours.


We are experts at the storage of products that require temperature control: from -25º to +18ºC and ambient temperature, with specific chambers for specific products: fruit, vegetables, dried cod fish, cold cuts, dairy products, fresh meat, fresh fish and frozen food products.
Our logistics processes have integrated information systems with radio frequency technology and data integration via EDI – which allows us to ensure high service reliability, total operational control, and high administrative robustness.

– Reception
– Stock Management – FIFO and FEFO
– Storage (-25ºC to +18ºC; ambient)
– Cross-Docking (BBxD; PAxD)
– Picking (PBL and PBS, fixed and variable weight)
– Box or unit preparation of orders, “just in time” or from stock
– Logistic processing of fresh fish


LOGIFRIO’s business strategy is based on a high degree of expertise and constant investment in the most advanced technologies. From all our platforms, we provide storage services and high added value operations.

– Reception
– Washing; (re)packaging of fishery products
– (Re) Labelling
– (Re) Weighing
– Label Translation
– Packing / Co Packing / Cabging
– (Des) Container Cargo
– Logistical support
– E-commerce
– Purchase management


– Tunnel Freezer:
. 2 Freezer tunnels equipped to process 25 Tm/day.
. Reception of fresh product that is frozen at -38ºC / -40ºC.
. 2 static tunnel freezers equipped to freezein each tunnel 20 Tm.
– Expert freezing of all kinds of perishable products.
– Stock and control storage under community and customs regime.



We assist each customer in the development of customized solutions that respond to the needs of a very demanding and constantly evolving market.
That’s our most successful recipe.

We specialize in products with reduced shelf life and high rotation, with a tailor-made infrastructure and prepared to deliver the products in reduced lead time.


We are expert in cold logistics, we offer our customers ad hoc answers that allow them to transport large volumes and temperature control needs throughout different selling channels.
We adapt to the specific conditions of customers with total flexibility, offering a response tailor made to each need.


We can go where no one goes. Including special destinations such as airports.
We pay special attention to promote a close and fluid communication with the restoration sector. We adapt to each business offering reliability, punctuality and proximity


We have a network available and close to customers. We offer transportation and delivery, online order preparation and distribution services.
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