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Transport Technology

An essential factor in our logistics operations, the Logifrio vehicle fleet (made up of 350 light vehicles and 70 heavy) is equipped with the latest technological advances in order to monitor their location, maintain the cold-storage chain and favour environmentally friendly practices.

This modern fleet of short- and long-haul vehicles ensures strict compliance with the collection and delivery deadlines for the goods, with a proven efficiency exceeding 95% (based on the delivery date).

Delivery confirmation via mobile telephone from the final destination is one of the most important advances in information management used by Logifrio to continually offer added value to our customers.

Logistics Technology

Thanks to the use of technology in our logistics division, we have achieved maximum effectiveness in the management of two important aspects of our service: time and safety.

To improve times in siting tasks, order preparation and shifting and handling goods, we continually invest in forklift trucks, transelevators and automatic sorters which allow us to obtain high levels of productivity and therefore savings for the customer.

To improve safety and control, we have equipped our facilities with a sophisticated radio frequency system that offers RF coverage at all premises, making it possible to interact with portable real-time scanners and data collection units and remain in constant contact with our ERP. All of this is done under extreme temperatures.