>Customer Communications
Logifrio bases its success on its relationship with its customers. This is why a smooth, reliable, immediate and continual communications system must be established, to ensure that information is handled successfully.

In the B2B Communications area, Logifrio provides a wide range of options for communication with our Logistics and Transport Departments through the use of EDI messages, flat files, via e-mail or FTP.

At Logifrio we use EDI messages because of their versatility, confidentiality and security. We currently have the following messages fully developed and operational for our customers:


Using the interactive ONLINE order tracking services, our customers can monitor the status of their orders at all times. Equally, they can place collection orders with us, obtain an image of the delivery note signed by the recipient or enter any comments that may help optimise the service.

Logifrio has a powerful CRM tool (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to deal with any eventuality. Thanks to this system we can obtain accurate and detailed WorkFlow data on each operation in order to accurately measure the response and resolution times for each case.