All of these processes are transparent to customers and are supported by advanced technology:

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>Storage & Picking
Our implementation method, based on thorough logistics flow studies, allows us to offer optimal solutions for your storage and order preparation needs.The Operations and Projects Departments execute and document the operational procedures meticulously and the Systems Department develops the communications (Customer Systems Integration, EDI...), ensuring that the best implementation and operational model is achieved.
As a logistics operator specialising in products at three temperatures (refrigerated, frozen and ambient temperature), Logifrio places a wide range of services within your reach:
  • Receipt of goods: quantity, quality, format, expiry date and batch control, among others.
  • Location: depending on various criteria such as temperature, reserved areas, routes or rotation.
  • Picking: order preparation according to FEFO, LEFO, Routes, FIFO etc.
  • Distribution: classification by destination (regional distribution and national and international transportation).
  • Inventory: inventory reports, physical stocktaking, replacements and management of discontinued and out-of-date products.
  • Reports: stock analyses in terms of minimums, incoming, outgoing, storage times, temperature flows...