Our services
  • 1. Customer Service Department with over 30 people.
  • 2. Website information services:
    • Service plan consultation.
    • Order tracking.
    • Confirmed delivery note consultation and downloading.
    • Invoice downloading.
    • Returns management.
  • 3. Delivery confirmation in real time
  • 4. Refund management
  • 5. Direct and Inverse Logistics
  • 6. Logistics Consulting:
    • Analysis and improvement of logistical processes
    • Warehouse design
    • Distribution network design li>
    • Communications system
>Added Value
Logifrio's business strategy is based on a clear customer service-oriented approach, a high level of specialisation and continual investment in the most advanced technologies.

Our services cover all stages of small- and medium-volume transportation (part load), full-load transportation and a consolidation service and full-load transportation for international shipping.

At all of our platforms we provide storage services and execute operations of high added value in the preparation of orders (picking) as well as in boxing, labelling, campaigns, promotions or product launching operations.

To this end we use the most advanced logistics management techniques and technology which allow us to ensure the best results at all stages of the chain and to guarantee the traceability of each batch of every product that we handle.

Guided by our pledge to offer an excellent service, we strive to provide personalised solutions tailored to the particular requirements of each customer. Our Operations and Systems Departments work on the development of specific procedures by analysing problems and proposing specific solutions in each case.