Little by little, we are all becoming aware of the need to recycle everything within our reach. At the same time, society is undergoing a technological transformation where more and more technological devices are being used, and unfortunately recycling and reuse of these devices is not keeping pace. All this is causing profound environmental imbalances and a negative contribution to the threat of climate change that we are experiencing.

According to the United Nations, 53 million tonnes of technological waste is generated every year, and it will double by 2050.

We all have to contribute, even if it is just a small grain of sand, to change this trend. To this end, it is essential to adopt measures that contribute to circular economy models, such as the reuse of electronic devices. Thus, through such reuse, we help to convert waste into resources, avoiding the extraction of new raw materials from nature, many of which are non-renewable.

In this sense, Logifrio is committed to adding value to the process of recycling and reusing technological equipment, and for this reason we have launched the IT solidarity market campaign, where we have offered for sale equipment refurbished by the company, which has been reconditioned for domestic use, thus giving it a second life. The impact on the staff has been spectacular, and in record time, all the equipment and devices have been sold, thus contributing to recycling, and at the same time to the motivation of our employees, who have appreciated the acquisition of such goods at a symbolic price, all this by doing useful actions that help to have a happier and more humane working environment.

We are very proud, because in addition to transforming waste into resources, the proceeds of the sales have been donated to non-profit organisations, NGOs, that promote sustainable development, donating the money raised.

We will continue to think and develop ideas in favour of these social actions, which combine environment, motivation and happiness in the work environment, and which promote social actions of high global benefit.

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