With the aim of continuing to improve the customer experience and offer cutting-edge solutions to the market, Logifrio has launched a new shipment tracking website, which surpasses the existing one in terms of features, becoming a real communication portal with customers in relation to the supply chain.

It consists of a web portal that is easy to access for customers, intuitive and covers their needs for information on their orders, invoices, incidents and service levels. It is also essential to adapt to new tools, and can therefore be used from any mobile device with total comfort.

Main functionalities of the new tool for the customer:
  • Quick consultation of an order
  • Visibility of all the details of an order with its tracking, status, incidents and delivery conformity.
  • Dashboard: global view of the status of all orders in the last few days with visual graphics by type of service and destination.
  • Export of order data to an Excel file for processing.
  • Consultation and export of invoices with order details
  • Service level reports
  • Report generator
This new website allows for easier, more autonomous user interaction, with greater interaction and improved efficiency in daily communications. The great reception by users proves this.

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