Logifrio to invest €2M in its Digital Transformation plan up to 2025
Innovation and Technology is and will undoubtedly be one of the cornerstones of Logifrio's development and growth plan in the coming years.

An essential part of our company's strategic plan until 2025, Innovation and Technology are key to offering a service and customer experience that clearly differentiates us in the market and allows us to consolidate our brand image as the benchmark in temperature-controlled logistics services in Spain and Europe, providing security and benefits to those who entrust us with their products and adapting to the constant changes in the market.

For this reason, our teams have designed, and started in 2020, a digital transformation plan aimed at guaranteeing process automation, integration with customers, as well as scalability and security of architecture and systems.

In the current financial year we have already welcomed new and improved applications for the management of our day-to-day business (Captio, Trello, Visual Time, Jira...), tools for greater and better control of the productive environment of our activity (PBI...) and valuable solutions that anticipate the demand for proactive information from our customers and recipients of our services (SIALTE, early alert system, which allows us to send notifications to delivery points with the orders they are going to receive and the expected time window).

Going the extra mile and working with our customers to improve the shopping experience for our customers is certainly the best way to contribute to their growth and to our own development as a leading organisation.

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