Logifrio renews its commitment to quality management and food safety for another year. We renew the IFS.
All the effort LOGIFRIO makes to ensure the quality of its services has been rewarded, one more year, with the renewal of the IFS LOGISTICS v.2.2 certificate in all those sites that already had this certification, the Madrid-Leganes, Madrid-CTM, Barcelona and Valencia branches.

A renewal that once again demonstrates our constant commitment to ensure the suitability of our Quality Management System and Food Safety in accordance with this international standard, as well as to provide a greater guarantee for our customers in their logistics activities.

These renewals are in addition to the certification of our Granada branch last January.

The IFS standard (version 2.2) is an internationally recognised private certification that establishes a common application standard with a uniform assessment system for the entire food industry. It has been developed for storage, distribution and transport as well as for loading and unloading activities in environments where food or non-food products are involved.

The IFS Logistic Standard is of invaluable help in establishing a service risk control system, considering those practical aspects that ensure the storage and distribution of safe food. The implementation of an IFS system provides us with a comparative vision, unifying quality criteria, which means a true evaluation of the state and image of our company. This allows us to identify the strong and weak points, which serve as a basis for continuing a true process of continuous improvement.

Awareness of the importance of food safety, as well as the risks associated with poor food safety management, are some of the aspects that have always been present in the food sector. However, the current situation has included new factors that have broadened the scenario in which all companies dedicated to this sector play, such as Food Defence, food fraud and market globalisation.

All this allows us to realise the global importance that this standard is acquiring. The majority of European countries are strongly committed to the use of this standard or model, giving it more relevance and extending its field of action more and more.

In short, these renewals allow us to continue to have the backing of a standard that guarantees the quality and food safety of the services we provide to our customers.

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