Logifrio is committed to reducing accidents and illnesses at work to "Zero".
Our company is launching a new initiative within the framework of Occupational Risk Prevention.

Vision Zero is the new global campaign of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) for zero accidents, diseases and injuries at work, which has also been joined by EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

The campaign seeks to promote a culture of prevention in organisations, an objective to which Logifrio is fully committed.

This new understanding of prevention is part of the "third wave of the preventive effort", which, as a culmination of the two previous stages focused on technology and risk management, now places people at the centre of the strategy to design and sustain work with zero harm to health.

For LOGIFRIO, the people in our organisation are our most valuable asset in the production process to guarantee service, in contact with the customer, they are the axis for the transmission of our values and to promote continuous improvement and learning.

To prevent a mistake or bring about a change, rules or documentation are not enough, people must be committed to them.

Vision Zero is based on 4 strategic and basic factors to achieve improvement and change:
  • Commitment
  • Commitment
  • Preventative culture
  • Learn from our mistakes

Vision Zero helps the organisation to work on the four factors through the 7 Golden Rules:

  1. Leadership & commitment
  2. Identifying risks
  3. Defining goals
  4. Systematise the organisation
  5. Use safe & healthy technologies
  6. Improve competences
  7. Investing in people

In the words of Vanessa Blanco, ORP Technician, "...at Logifrio our objective is ZERO accidents and illnesses at work..."

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