AECOC Working day. What is happening in social restoration? Trends and emerging needs of this channel
On September 19 LOGIFRIO collaborated with AECOC doing a speech on the specific working day for social restoration. Introducing the plattform model that is being implemented in the social restoration channel. LOGIFRIO, in the last year, has captured two clients within the top 5 of the social restoration channel.

The paper discussed the advantages of the platform:
a) REDUCTION-time employee at the point of delivery, Horeca channel operators (central delivery points) so highly appreciated, there is increasingly less time to spend on low value-added tasks.
b) SAVINGS in stocks provider in business processes and intermediaries.
c) HOMOGENIZATION of the product assortment and prices between 35% and 80% in all centers.
d) SUPPLIERS, extending the range of possibilities in the relationship between Horeca operator and its suppliers. Operational limitations in the relationship disappear.
e) More CONTROL over the supply chain.

i. Homogenization of quality in all its centers.
ii. Volume delivered in schools.
iii. On traceability.
iv. About the providers.
v. Ability to react to incidents, and consequently the reduction of resources in the resolution.
vi. Ability to react to short term through reverse logistics.

From our experience we know that change is positive and must take into account the above points.
Through these actions we pass on our knowledge to the channel, reinforcing our commitment to improving supply.

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