LOGIFRIO and Miquel Foodservice. Key points in Sodexo logistics
A year ago Sodexo signed a collaboration agreement with Logifrio and Miquel Foodservice, trusting these companies providing services of sourcing, assortment management, warehousing, distribution and customer service of all centers serving the options at the country. After the first months of collaboration, Sodexo describes the relationship as "largely positive."

Logifrio and Miquel Foodservice, ideal partners
The partnership among Sodexo, Logifrio and Miquel Foodservice has been happening since a year ago. "The quality of service is growing and already perceiving efficiency gains of working with a centralized multi-temperature," says Fernando García Fernández- Regalillo, marketing and logistics director of Sodexo. As explained by the director of Sodexo, Logifrio and Miquel Foodservice are - for their great professionalism and experience, the ideal partners to manage operations as complex as business demands. In his words "the two companies form a tandem winner and his proposal was far superior to that of your competitors".
Meanwhile, Fernando Garcia Villalobos - Logifrio managing director - and Jesús Hernández -managing director of Miquel Foodservice, it increases the understanding and trust and long-term commitment to this relationship. As a specialist in temperature controlled logistics operations, Sodexo provides Logifrio distribution capacity necessary to meet the supply in 3 temperatures all its operations in Spain, dealing with the reception and control suppliers supply, storage, preparation and delivery of orders placed by each facility, meeting agreed service quality in a timely manner.
Meanwhile, Miquel Foodservice offers their experience and professionalism as buyers and provisioners, providing suppliers management, breadth of assortment and national coverage, also seized the administrative management of the entire operation (ordering, billing, coordination...) and customer service. The basis of the agreement
Miquel Foodservice and Logifrio are responsible to provide 800 references from over 50 manufacturers to nearly 400 restaurants of Sodexo network throughout Spain. "The operation works if each link in the chain works properly, since the order of our restaurants to final delivery by Logifrio drivers" says García Fernández- Regatillo. He adds: "At Sodexo understand logistics as a tool to develop our procurement strategy. It is essential to increase direct purchases from manufacturers and distributors reduce weight and companies that do not provide value. Additionally, reduction of intermediaries simplifies our supply chain and improves efficiency and safety at all levels."
This agreement allows the company to unify the products used throughout Spain, as well as improving the access to a wider market suppliers, specialized and competitive. Evaluation of the relationship
From Sodexo, Fernando García Fernández- Regatillo believes that the new operational model deployed by Logifrio and Miquel Foodservice is "more efficient and simple" and give them the opportunity to significantly reduce the number of actors that make up its supply chain, providing both a standardization of products and distribution logistics. For Foodservice Miquel and Logifrio, first year of service has been very positive, and that helped to strengthen the relationship between the parts, and the working together to improve processes and everyday initial requirements.
Now the challenge is to improve integration with operational teams and continue working to improve processes. The three companies are committed to the development of the operation, that according to Fernando García Fernández-Regatillo, will be extended for the remainder of the 2013 and early 2014. Sodexo GROUP
The Sodexo Group is a global leader in services that improve the quality of life of organizations and individuals. Sodexo offers customers over 100 different service types, from reception, security, cleaning and maintenance to catering services. Present in 80 countries, more than 18,200 invoice million, serving 75 million consumers through its centers 34,300 and employs 420,000 people worldwide.
Sodexo Spain has 393 centers, 4,500 employees and a turnover of 219 million euros (2012 data).

Company specializing in service and manage sophisticated needs of food logistics, combining in one delivery chilled, frozen and ambient. Logifrio is also a specialist in small volume deliveries and restricted times. With a turnover of 62,8 million, Logifrio has 640 employees, 30 platforms and 386 vehicles carrying supplies 792.14 per year in more than 20,000 points of capillarity. 36% of deliveries are made to the foodservice channel, a channel that is well understood, with a know-how acquired over more than 30 years.

Miquel Foodservice is Miquel Group company focused on selling to organized catering (chains of hotels, caterers, restaurants and catering chains transport).
Your goal is to become the leading operator for the integral supply at three temperatures in the organized restaurant market in Spain.
Miquel Group turnover of over 900 million euros, working with more than 1,500 domestic and international suppliers and manages more than 17,000 references, 2,800 of their own brand.

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